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by Albertus, Magnus, Saint, 1193?-1280; Berthier, P. J
Published 1911 by R. & T. Washbourne in London

Meditations, Spiritual life
111 p.


 🟊 🟊 🟊 🟊 out of 5 stars

A short book with plenty of things to glean from, I read another translation of the Latin version of the same book and thought it was insightful, engaging, and full of wisdom. One can easily read it through in one or two sittings and is a very light read.

Now a little something on this author: Saint Albert the Great OP (c. 1193 – November 15, 1280), also known as Albertus Magnus or Albert of Cologne, was a German friar of the Dominican order and a bishop. During his lifetime he was known as Doctor universalis and Doctor expertus. The sobriquet Magnus was later added to his name. He is also a Doctor of the Church. He is the patron saint of medical technologists/technicians; natural sciences; philosophers; scientists; and students.